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Jin's Q&A.

newest edition of "e-pop", so the next issue's will be Junno's Q&A and so on :)

"stubborn, self-centered, dislike loneliness; these are all my weak points.when it comes to friendship, i take it triple time more serious than anyone else.
the similarities between KAT-TUN is that we're all BAKA. although all of us are stupid, no one is more reliable than us when we met difficulties. why?-i wonder..
i will always insist on my own style,and having things done the way i want to. being stubborn is the best, *laughs* i'll never change,or think about changing. 
i always have a "this is KT,any problem with that?" attitude. *laughs*
im very confident of myself and i put in my best in everything i do. "
--these are all the famous lines of Jin. although he is stubborn and immature, he has a "i will never give up" attitude. as long as he feels and thinks that it is right,he'll insisit on doing it ven if it means that he'll have to meet many setbacks.
the adorable, stubborn, ridiculous, sexy Akanishi Jin~ do you really know him?

Q: Something that you can't live without?
: handphone! and wallet

Q: your diary and test paper - which one will you feel embarassed about if it's seen by others?
: diary. i use (^_^) (T_T) this kind of emoticons to describe my day

Q: is there anything you want to change about yourself?
Jin: no. *laughs* i wont change,and never though of changing in any way

Q: do you prefer tanned girls?
Jin: if compared to girls with a fair complexion,i'll prefer girls who are tanned.. summer is meant for us to enjoy the sun! 

Q: if you can choose ur occupation,what will you want to work as?
: a cashier in a provision shop (WOW,a very very attractive cashier for sure!)

Q: what is the scariest thing on Earth?
Jin: GHOST!!!! i'll never go for night walk just to test my guts. N.E.V.E.R (dont worry jin,i can protect u if u dont mind. LOL)

Q: what do you do when u're excited or in high spirit?
: i will become very noisy. (i guess jin is in high spirit 24/7. he seem to be noisy all the time :D

Q: the nest hairstyle you'll want to try is..?
Jin: shave my head! (KOKI-no.2 :D)

Q: your weakness is..?
Jin: collar bone/clavicle. i wont allow anyone to touch it.

Q:when will  youthink that you're very good-looking?
Jin: hmm...whenever i'm looking into the mirror with Nakamaru~ and when Nakamaru is next to me. *laughs*

Q:10 years down the road,what will you be doing?
: getting married. it is everybody's goal,isnt it? ah~maybe not.it differs between people. hmm..when i say "goal!:,that will be my goal! *laughs* (LOL, jin and his profound thinking confuses me at times.)

Q: your girlfriend and your family fell into the water, if your boat can only sit 1 more person, who will you save??
: i'll jump down! both are the ones i love,and i will sacrifice anything for them! (sweet:D )

Q: if you can get any license,what will it be?
: a female teacher's license!*laughs* (LOL~~)

Q: if you can reborn to become something else,what wil it be?
: human. it's good to be a man(as in male).

Q: what will you do, if you wake up one day and find that you've become a girl?
: i'll tell myself "this is just a dream" and go back to sleep. and if im stil a girl when i wake up,i'll calm myself down and go to work as usual. ( :D maybe Jin can marry Kame. heh! i love AKame!)

Q: what do you want to learn now?
: Languages. *laughs* and ive been learning english for quite some time.

Q: what are the words you'll want to hear when you're upset?
Jin: nothing. just let me be alone

Q: "I CAN DO IT!",when will you think of these words?
Jin: after gym..when i can feel my muscles.

Q: how do you feel about girls who wear mini-skirts?
Jin: they should wear it all year round,and not just for summer. mini-skirts worn with high-cut boots are cool during winter. it's womanly and adorable for a girl to wear mini-skirts !

Q: how do you feel about girls who wear sunglasses?
: stylish! i like it!

Q: how do you feel about girls with weird make-up?
: thick make-ups are definitely a NO-NO!

Q:how do you feel about girls who wants to be skinny?
: if she looks acceptable, it's okay. but i dont like it at times..

Q: how do you feel about girls who dont wear make-up?
: it's okay.. and if she's at home, she dont have to wear any make-up at all 

Q: how do you feel about girls who are talkative?
: if compared to those who are more quiet, i'll prefer those who'll say "okok, i know :) " ~that kind of girls.

Q: how do you feel about girls who cant cook?
: as long as she'd tried her best, it's ok if she cant make it.. but if she didnt even bother to work hard and try, it's unacceptable.

Q: how will you spend a sleepless night??
: i'll still sleep.

Q: how do you feel about a girl who wants to get intimate with you during a date?
: if she wants to,i'll go her way. i dont care what others will think

Q: how do you feel about a girl who wants to see you everyday?
Jin: i like girls who are straightforward at delivering their feelings

Q:how do you feel if your girlfriend has a lot of male friends ?
: it'll be better if she has lesser male friends. i dont think she'll like it if ive a lot of female friends,right?!

Q: if you're in love,will you change?
Jin: i dont think so..

Q: your method of confession?
Jin: " i like you", "lets go on a date" ..etc

Q: ideal place to go on a date?
Jin: Shibuya. reason?-- i dont think any one else will say this. *laughs* (-_-"' anyway, kame said Shibuya too! HAHAHA! )

Q: what is love to you?
: something i cant live without.

Q: how will you celebrate your girlfriend's birthday?
Jin: instead of just the 2 of us spending it, i'll have a PARTY for her. the more the merrier( i think she'll prefer to just spend it with you..)

Q: what do you want to do for your kids?
: firstly, raise them up properly. then,for a boy,i'll play soccer with him. for a girl,im not sure.

Q: what kind of girls do you like?

Q:if a girl is to tell you something, what is it that will make your heart skip a beat?
Jin: i'll prefer a smile instead of words

Q: what things will your gf do to make you feel that she's in love with you and another guy?
: har~ wait. if she kiss a guy with the meaning of a kiss, it's a no-no! but if she kiss a guy out of courteousy reason(eg. greeting),it's ok. *laughs*

Q:if your good friend and you fall for the same girl, what will you do?
: if they're already a couple, i'll not consider as somebody i'll go a date with.

Q:how will you react if you see anyone of KAT-TUN being dumped?
: i'll pretend not to see it,but if it's Ueda or Nakamaru, i'll pretend to joke about it and not let him know that i REALLY saw it.

Q: how do you feel about girls making up on motorcycles or in public transports?
: ive no interest in girls who do that. but if she has her reasons for doing that, then it should be fine.

Q: your screensaver pic is...
: my dog PIN..

Q: do you like or dislike winter?
: neutral. but i'll prefer summer becasue i cant stand cold weather.

Q: in what conditions will you start to miss somebody?
:when im alone at home.. because of the loneliness i will feel during winter.. and i'll think-who can i hang out with and stuffs like that.

Q: the best date during winter is..?
Jin: it's better not to have any plan,isn't it? the place i'll hink about going throughout the whole year is the hot spring.

Q: the best ambience for a confession during winter?
Jin: christmas eve in New York. super romantic!

Q: if your girlfriend handmade you the following items(shirt, scarf, gloves), what will you hope to receive? or will you not want to receive handmade items?
: anything is fine,but i will choose a scarf because it's more convenient to use.

Q: what do you think a girl will look cute in during winter?
: bikini. *laughs* (OMG. -_- Jin is kinda scary at times! LOL!!! )

Q: what will you buy for KAT-TUN as christmas present?
KT-TU's presents are the same just that the no. of years he'll sponsor it is different. it's the kind of thing that keeps people warm during winter. i dont know whats that called. gomen ne. if anybody knows the name of that, could you please let me know? arigatou!)
K - 1 yr sponsor. it can help to protect Kame from cold
A - CONDOMINIUM. im dying to buy one,but i dont have money
T -2 yr sponsor. it can help to protect Junno from cold
T - 3 yr sponsor. it's very cold when he's filming.
U - 4 yr sponsor! it's alot,isn't it?!although it doesn't have any special meaning,but it's considered a "special treatment" for Ueda san.
N -  NOTHING! that's what ive decided to give him -- NOTHING! *laughs*

Jin's so cute! heh. hope u all enjoyed it :) TATA~!

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