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Kame's 49 Q&A

i was browsing through some magazines, and i came across one with kame's interview. it's the november issue of <e-pop>, a chinese magazine.
here's a brief translation of it. hope you'll enjoy it! :)

in KAT-TUN represents Kamenashi Kazuya, a 20-year-old pretty boy. When kame was young, he had thick eyebrows, a hoarse voice and had been criticised by seniors in the public as "pathetically ugly". However,in good friend--Akanishi Jin's eyes, Kame is a very adorable boy! 8 years in Johnnys Entertainment, Kame worked hard and changed from a little boy who is bad in everything, to a sexy, mature young man who can dance well and sing beautifully....

Q: are you good in any sports?
: baseball (Kame had represented Japan in many baseball competitions when he was young~)

Q: did your parents say anything to you that you can remember the most?
: there was once when i threw away my baseball gloves as i lost a competition... my father said to me, you have to learn to treasure and appreciate the things/people that you think is important.

Q: which part of your body, do you think, is the sexiest?
kame: nostrils hair, it can never be seen from any angle! ( nostrils hair??? -_-"' )

Q: which part of your body do you like the most?
kame: my arms. they helped me alot, i can play baseball because of my arms.. and now,i use them whenever i dance..that's why they are important. hmm.. many times, i use my arms more than i use my brain. *laughs* 

Q: when you wake up in the morning, what are the things you will do before you go off to work?
: the first thing i do is to check my e-mails. if i don't have any new e-mails, i'll be very very sad for the whole day. *laughs* then i'll bathe, have a cup of banana juice, change and goes off to work.

Q: what is the scariest thing on Earth?
kame: betrayal.

Q: household chores that you can do well?
: anything,everything! if it's food, my specialty is to use any leftovers in the fridge to create new dishes. 

Q: what do you wear to sleep?
kame: just my undergarment!

Q: what do you like your girlfriend to dress in?
kame: anything that suits her.

Q: if you had a fight with your friend, what is the best way of making-up?
kame: both of us must admit to our mistake, and then try to understand each other's thinking.

Q: if you are not an idol, what is the job you will take up?
: an actor. i'm very happy to be able to act ^_^

Q: until now,what is the most fortunate/the happiest thing that had happened to you?
: till now, i've met a lot of nice people!

Q: what is the first thing that you'll see in the oposite sex?
: definitely her eyes!

Q: if you have a girlfriend, what is the bst thing that will happen?
: hmm.. we won't be able to go on date, and there will be a lot of troubles~ but i'll love her whole-heartedly. (OMG!! kame!!~!!)

Q: if a girl is to tell you something, what is it that will make your heart skip a beat?
: hmm.. "please hug me~" (* " *)

Q: where will you bring your date to?
: Harajuku, Shibuya ... anywhere. even if i'm unwilling to, i'll go with her as long as she wants me to. *laughs* (again, OMG!! kame is such a sweet guy!)

Q: what will you do if you fall for your good friend's girlfriend?
kame: if i am deeply in love with her, i'll let her know how i feel.. and will assure her that she'll be happier with me~ take it as a compensate for my friend.

Q: how will you react if you see anyone of KAT-TUN being dumped?
kame: i'll pretend not to see it!!! (HAHA! kame is definitely a nice guy!)

Q: you have a feeling that your girlfriend had a change of heart.. what will you do?
kame: if it's true, i'll not say a thing, and automatically disappear from her sight forever.... (a really cool answer! but the girl will definitely be very very sad! )

Q: how do you feel about girls making up on motorcycles or in public transports?
: i cant tolerate this behaviour.. it's very ugly to do that!

Q: ever wrote a love letter to anyone?
: yes. when i was in high school. but not to my girlfriend, it's to a girl i LIKED. (there's a difference between LIKE and LOVE)

Q: your ideal girl's look is..?
: she MUST be pretty, and both of us MUST look cute when we're together. *laughs*

Q: your ideal girl's character?
: being mature and childish at the right time. 

Q: any age limit to the girls you'll fall for?
: no. as long as we love each other, it's not a problem. it's ok if she's older than me. 

Q: what do you want a girl to say to you?
: I LIKE YOU!! (wow, kame is too straight-forward! but he's so cute:D)

Q: if you're a girl, who will you fall for in KAT-TUN?
: KAMENASHI KAZUYA! because i understand myself the most,it'll be easier for us if we go on date.

Q: when was your first love?
: in kindergarten. but when i really understand that she's a GIRL, and i like her because she's a girl, it's in high school.

Q: when was your first kiss?
kame: hmm..a longgg time ago.

Q: if a girl whom you don't like confess to you,what will you do?
: i'll say "I'M SORRY BUT I DONT LIKE YOU". (kame~you'll definitely break her heart into pieces!)

Q: what will you call your lover?
kame: anything that i feel like calling.

Q: how many times will you want to see your girlfriend every week?
kame: if it's possible, i would want us to stay together. (againnn, OMG!!)

Q: if the other party is late during a date, how long will you wait for?
kame: a lifetime. (OMGOMGOMG! so touching!)

Q: will you go on dutch for a date?
: NO WAY! i'll pay for everything! if i dont have enough money, i wont go on a date.

Q: if your girlfriend wish to see you immediately in the middle of the night, will you go?
kame: if she has a reasonable excuse, i will. but if she's just throwing tantrum, i wont.

Q: if your good friend and you fall for the same girl, what will you do?
: if she likes me, i'll confess. if not, i'll bury the feelings deep in my heart.

Q: if there's a "third party" between both of you, what will you do?
kame: i'll ask her "ME OR HIM?!?!". then think about it,and decide if i should end the relationship.

Q: ever cried for love?
kame: i can't say. HAHA! should be... *laughs* 

Q: who is the most lecherous in KAT-TUN?
: me! (shouldn't it be Jin? LOL!)

Q: if you have a chance to become an animal, what will you want to be?
: a bird. fly above the clouds and look at the whole of Japan! (i thought a turtle?)

Q: during a fire, what is the thing you will choose to save?
: photo album. memories are important.

Q: if you can change your identity for a day, who will you want to be?
: Takuya Kimura-san. i wonder what's the feeling like... (many seniors said that Kame is the 2nd Takuya Kimura! which means, he is very very popular!)

Q: think about yourself in 20 year's time..
: i've a pretty wife, and an angel! i mean, i'll have children by then.

Q: your diary and test paper - which one will you feel embarassed about if it's seen by others?
: my diary! although i write it once in a while, but im a very emotional person.. that's why.. *laughs* "today's sky seem to be waiting for me. because of it's beautiful clouds and it's beautiful colour, i spent a longer time looking at it." --im always writing this kind of sentences. *laughs*

Q: your girlfriend and your family fell into the water, if your boat can only sit 1 more person, who will you save?
: i'll let both of them up,and i'll go down. if you insist on an answer, then i'll save my girlfriend.

Q: the best date during winter is..?
kame: i'll purposely take her out on a walk, and wait for her to say "it's so cold"..then i'll take her hand with mine,and place them in my pocket.. (HAHAHA! kame likes old-fashioned way too!)

Q: what is the best ambience for a confession during winter?
kame: go for a ride in my car,and when both of us get off, i'll say "shall we go out as a couple next time?" *laughs* dont you feel that you've been slightly electrocuted? *laughs*

Q: if your girlfriend handmade you the following items(shirt, scarf, gloves), what will you hope to receive? or will you not want to receive handmade items?
: i'll be very happy to receive anything. and i'll use them everyday!

Q: what do you think a girl will look cute in during winter?
: a dress with a furry, jeans-material jacket. windbreaker will be cute too!

Q: what will you buy for KAT-TUN as christmas present?
K - 2 day 1night hot spring tour
A - a reindeer costume.there's no why,i just feel that he'll look good in that! (HAHAHA!imagine jin in that!OMG!super kawaii!)
T - ice-skating blade. because it's a christmas present, it should have christmas "feel".
T - santa claus costume. anyway it's a christmas present~ *laughs*
U - guitar! suddenly,i feel that it's time to give Ueda a good and proper present. *laughs*
N - any sweet food. AH! no~i think i'll give him a sport shoes? no special reason, im trying my best to think of presents. *laughs*


there's also a short interview for "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi"
(it's very short,because the article basically introduces the story,plot and characters of the show.)

it's the first time Kame collaborates with Ayase Haruka, and when asked about their impression on each other,
kame said "Ayase gives me a very good impression on her. she's very pure, naive, romantic. when we're acting, her reaction to things are fast. she's a very clever girl."
kame kept praising Ayase,and Ayase quickly replied " kame had successfully acted out the thinking of Hiroto.. thus i have to work very hard to be able to catch up with him! he acts well and is a very energetic guy!". then she turned to kame and thank him for his words.

"Tatta Hitotsu no Koi" is written by Kitagawa Eriko(Long vacation, Beautiful life..), specially for Kame. according to reports, Kitagawa Eriko volunteered to write the story for kame. she said "when watching "Gokusen 2", i was very surprised by kame's acting and even felt that kame is the 2nd Takuya Kimura." that is why she wrote the story specially for him..

"Bokura no Machi de",the theme song for THnK is written by Kazumasa Oda after he finished reading the scripts. JE said, Kazumasa Oda is a man who can fully deliver the feeling of love into song lyrics.  this is also the first time Kazumasa Oda works with JE members.

KAT-TUN said, this is the first time they sang for a jdorama. kame said, they had never tried this kind of style for a song and this is their first time. he hopes that the song can give audience a new impression of KAT-TUN.  after recording the song, kame met Kazumasa Oda. his impression on him is that he is a very gentle person,but when it comes to recording the song, he is very strict and his expectation is very high. Koki said confidently that the song can definitely heal people who are going through a tough time in relationship.

hope you guys enjoy the interviews as much as i did :)
peace out!

finally, i finish translating this article! :D
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