I don't quite know how to say how I feel.

Hope; dangles on a string..

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hmm, just submitted the courses i want t go.

1. hospitality&resort management (NYP)
2. media studies & management (NYP)
3. integrated events & project management (SP)
4. M.I (arts)
5. leisure & resort management (TP)
6. aviation management & services (TP)
7. integrated events management (RP)
8. outdoor & adventure learning (RP)
9. hospitality & tourism management (TP)
10. tourism & resort management (NP)
11. tourism & resort management (SP)
12. chinese studies (NP)

the 9th choice onwards are all crap. i sure cant get in,but i dont know what other courses t choose,so i juz add in anyway. dont wna waste all the space,)



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